Application for Partnership

Please provide details for all required fields. Complete the details on this form if you desire to make CityLife Church your church home and become a Partner (voluntary, committed member) of CityLife Church Inc. Note: the form should be completed by each individual applicant.
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1. I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour & Lord.    Date:
2. I have been baptised as a believer by full immersion in water.    Date:
3. I have been baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.    Date:
4. I give a tithe (10%) of my income to CityLife Church.     
5. I am in a LifeGroup.     
    LifeGroup Leader's Name:   
    If NO, would you be interested in being part of one?   
6. I have received a copy of the Constitution of CityLife Church Inc.   
7. I have been present for all Trax 1 & Trax 2 sessions (LifeTrax)   
8. I have read and I agree with the CityLife Church Partnership Agreement.   
9. Are you transferring from another church?
10. Please specify below if you have any comments or qualifications to any of the answers above: